ZhuXiaoPi (Genuine Version), The Learn To talk, Dancing and Singing Plush Piggy Toy

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The most innocent Piggy Plush Toy your kids will love to have as their best companion. It moves with so much cuteness which talks back and sings songs for you. Built-in 10x popular sing along songs. The learn to speak function is crystal clear and accurate. Genuine and authentic toy that you wont wanna missed. 

Certification: 3C
Recommended Age: 6 Years Old (Parent's supervision needed for Baby and Toddlers)
Toy Type: Electronic Plush Toys
Functions: Dancing and Singing Actions. Built 10x Popular Sing along Songs and Learn To Speak (Superior Quality)
Features: Permanent On/Off Switch, Volume Control and Play/Pause Music
Plush Material: High-Quality Plush Coat will not irritate and shed
Filler Material: 100% Polyester
Battery: 3 x AAA 
Color: Blue (The One and Only)

What is 3C Certification?
The 3C Certificate, or “CCC” (also called China CCC Certification) is a mandatory product certification system with the aim protecting consumer’s security through the supervision of products concerning health, hygiene, security, environment and anti-fraud.